Shabby Miss Jenn

Friday, May 25, 2007

Remember me

So I started my day off with a few tears after coming across a video made by a 15 year old girl, remembering our troops. Wanted to share it with you all and to say again how thankful I am for all our men and woman in uniform and the sacrifices they make each and everyday!

Hope everyone has a great memorial weekend :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

A few things I am lovin

Thanks to Maria and her love for all things vintage . I have fallin in love with PYREX! Fun colors and cute patterns whats not to love?? I think my favorite has to be the SPRING BLOSSOM pattern , because it reminds of the cute KI Memories flowers. You can see more here

The color RED , I am starting to redo my kitchen before I move to Japan next summer and I find myself buying lots of red and brown. Funny how we change, I used to HATE red!

Did someone say COACH , my favorite of all bags I am loving the new SIGNATURE COTTON SHOULDER BAG

These guys seem to be at the top of my IPOD list all the time , whether cleaning house, crafting or in the car I always seem to have them on

and of course we cant forget to link to some EYE CANDY :

Beautiful PIN cushions

Gorgeous VINTAGE Kitchen art

Oh so pretty

Hope everyone has a great MONDAY :)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day to you all

The greatest Mother’s Day gift of all I think, is the gift of BEING A MOTHER. I have tried to remember that as we made it through our first week here without Ja. It hasn't been easy and I am so THANKFUL for all my wonderful family and friends.

Austin says to me last night " MOM I have a good idea, I can take you to breakfast for Mothers Day " and of course I reply with AWWEE you are just the sweetest! So I say Ok , and ask him where hes going to take me to which he replies " McDonalds because they have new SHREK toys! " Outta the mouth of babes...right!

So McDonalds it was followed by a trip to Target and then dinner tonight with the BISHOPS. All I can say is I am gonna MISS that Carne Asada once I get to Japan , thanks guys!
I hope this non creating FUNK I have been in leaves soon . I have all sorts of ideas for new bird cones I want to make .

Hope everyone had a relaxing day and heres to a great week!

Monday, May 7, 2007

The beginning....

Everthing has a beginning right?

Things are always harder at the beginning..... right? Today my better half left for a YEAR deployment to South Korea. I do believe that was right up there with being ONE of the hardest things I have ever had to do . We have been a part before ,being military you can't escape it. Never for this long and my heart breaks for him having to leave his son behind. We will get through this ,its just something you do as an AIRFORCE FAMILY. We have such great friends and family, thanks LISA, Maria , Molly and Kristin for the phone calls today :)

Ok enough with the sadness! I started this blog today as a place for me to go and BE HAPPY.

Looking at all the photos my good friend Maria took for us last week make me happy so I will end my first post with one of my faves!