Shabby Miss Jenn

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Swaps and Creativity

How come I would rather cut the grass, clean house or the pool instead of be creative....
I did finish up my matchboxes for the swap and I hope Kaisa and Natasha like them , it was rather fun to do. I loved stuffing the boxes with all the fun trinkets!

Not much going on this week for us. Austin is having a rather hard time with daddy being gone right now and I am trying to work through that . He is loving soccer and that makes me happy! I thought he might be a bit scared and he has proven me wrong, he gets right in there with the big boys (he is one of the smallest). Very proud of him , we have the first game next saturday, should be fun , just wish Ja could be here for it....
Went to a ton of thrift stores with my pal Maria and boy did we find some goods! I passed on most of them ,since I am supposed to be purging for Japan and not buying. She is going to have tons of new cute kits up on her ETSY so check it out.
Hope everyone is having a GREAT WEEK!

Monday, June 11, 2007


Wow we have been go go go since school let out last week! I hope I get some downtime soon , I think my craft supplies are calling my name! I joined a fun shabby chic matchbox swap over at Natasha Burns blog and cant wait to get started on that.

Our friends are still in town visiting and that has been fun. Austin loves having people stay over and getting to stay up late. I got a wild hair over the weekend and decided to CHOP off my hair. I am so glad I did. Although at first I was a bit shocked since I had her cut it chin length and I haven't done that in YEARS! Can't even put a pony tail in it Will post pics soon...

I was so excited to finally find this tonight
I will be stalking the MAILMAN for sure!!!!

Hope you all have a great week!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Almost a month .....

Ok so the first month has come and gone since my sweet hubby left for Korea. I wish i could stop counting the days!WE love you!!!
We are however counting down the days in this house until we have a 2nd grader! He couldn't be more excited about this. The teachers have a fun filled 3 days in store for them this week , starting with a reading sleepover tomorrow ,board games , a party and the last day is everyones favorite FIELD DAY. His first one and he cant wait.

It makes me a bit sad at the end of the year ,because it means hes growing up. I know you MOMS understand :)
Doesnt he look GROWN UP????

We finally made it tonight to see the NEW Pirates and we both liked it. If you havent seen it MAKE SURE you stay till after the closing credits(even though they last 10 minutes) there is a bit more of the movie at that point. we only found out through someone sitting nect to us and I AM GLAD WE STAYED , thats all I am saying!