Shabby Miss Jenn

Monday, July 30, 2007

Thrifting and cupcakes

It was a PYREX kind of day for us. Maria and I took the kiddos out thrifting across town yesterday and we found lots of pyrex , which makes a girl happy! She really scored when finding the much sought after friendship pattern that we have never seen until yesterday. Then we were lucky enough to have Britni find another one at our next stop ...2 in one day! Dont laugh but my cat now eats out of pyrex. I had been on the hunt for a smaller dish that was heavy enough for him not push around and found the blue refrigerator dish without the lid for 1.49!

Also picked up this pretty feather wreath that I believe was from TARGET , what a steal at 2.50..huh? A few strands of pearls along with some vintage cards that have the cutest images and a dress form.

I am headed to the post office soon to mail out my CUPCAKE Swap package for my partner Sonya over at

Here are the altered coaster hangers I made for the swap.

Off to fix lunch for everyone so maybe I have some crafting time!

Monday, July 23, 2007

In the blink of an eye

It all happened that fast , we were heading home from a fun day at the lake with great friends last night , when the unthinkable happened. Our friends were towing the boat in front of us when they had to suddenly swerve to miss a grocery shopping cart that was in the CENTER of the highway. There SUV went one way and the boat and the trailer another , they were dragged down the road violently quite aways, and all I could think was the boat was going to fly off and hit us. I was able to somehow get out of the car and remove the cart from the road before running to find out if they were ok , meanwhile fearing the worst. Britni was ever so brave and called 911 as I am sure several other passerbys were doing as well. I prayed all the way to their car that everyone was ok . When I got there the boat had been launced into a ditch and there vehichle in some shrubs and facing the wrong direction, the 2 girls were crying and not quite sure what had happened, but AMAZINGLY everyone walked away , with just a few bumps and scratches. I am so truly thankful that everyone was Ok it was a terrifying experience to have witnessed. all I could do was hug them over and over again and THANK GOD they were OK . A lesson learned for all of our children on why it is so important to wear your seatbelts!
I love you guys!!!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Busy week

Just a quick reminder that today is the last day for the sign ups over at the for the TUSSIE MUSSIE swap she is hosting, there are atleast 35 players and I am sure the tussies will be beautiful with all the creative peeps who have signed up!

Wow 3 toddlers are alot of work! I have been watching 3 little girls for a good friend of mine who has her own daycare but is about to have a baby tomorrow and I am her I will have them for 3 weeks in total. So there hasnt been to much going on in the way of crafts other than coloring and puzzles. I am sure getting a baby fix ,haha!

Austin had a soccer game this week and he did real well , he loves to play and I am glad that we have found something for him that he enjoys finally. Next week is the last game until Septemeber when it hopefully cools off a bit here . He is excited about getting a new trophy and certificate of course.

Britni is ready to learn how to SEW only this mom doesnt have the patience to teach a a 14 year old to SEW because I dont have all that much patience for it myself! Fortunatley I have a great friend who happens to be a great little seamstress and is going to help her make her 1st apron this weekend. she picked out the materials for it last night and I think it is going to turn out very cute, what do you think? I will have her model the final product and post that next week.
Off to tend to the little ones ....

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Weekends and Swaps

It seems the weekends have been flying by and I suppose that is a good thing for us. My mom and Brit get here tomorrow night ,which we are super excited about. Austin is desperate for another face around here besides mine!

We went over for a craft night at my pal Marias and I worked on a project for another good friend of mine , who is soon to be moving back to TEXAS which makes me sad . I love the way it turned out but I cant give any peeks here because I know she'll be looking...haha . Will post as soon as I give it to her.

I had so much fun with the matchbox swap I was in that I have joined 2 more! A Yummy Cupcake swap hosted by Rosalyn over at and now a TUSSIE MUSSIE swap , I just love those things ! You can find out more about it and sign up over here

Hope everyone has a splendid weekend!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

I'm Still here....

Bad blogger! I love to read em but cant seem to update my own!

Hope everyone had a great 4th! We were at a party with neighbors and friends and tons of good food. The kids had fun on slip n slides and in the sprinklers and then we all headed out for the fireworks . All n all a good day , even though we were missing our DADDY a ton!

I did create a new salad recipe (new to me )that i will reuse again SOON! SO thought I would share.....
hope you arent one for EXACT ingredients because i dont cook like that!lol

Pasta Salad

Bottle of Italian dressing
pepperoni (cut in halves)
black olives (sliced)
broccoli florets (cut small ) and steemed till tender but crisp
mozzarella (shredded)
tri color rotini pasta (cooked and cooled)

Throw it all together and you have a delicious salad! YUMMERS!

I havent crafted too much ,not sure why I have a HOLIDAY Banner sitting on the table waiting for the final touches, I should really finish it up today ,seeing how July is in full swing and I wanted it hung up this month!
Oh and another THANK YOU to KAISA my swap aprtner for the matchbox swap , loved my goodies!!!

We are certainly FEELING SUMMER here in the desert southwest 110 + all this week , boy I am ready for a cool down even if it is only 100!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend :)