Shabby Miss Jenn

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Getting motivated

Feeling pretty blah lately and decided I needed to do something about it and not have more of the same....

So this week Maria and I vowed to get our butts in the gym and really stick with it. Today being day number 2 and I have to say It FEELS GOOD . Some other friends of ours decided we need all the motivation we can get , so on Mondays we are gonna all meet at the gym and weigh ourselves, if we gained weight we will contribute a dollar to a jar and at the end of the month who ever lost the most will get the money(if there is any) and we will all have a girls afternoon of some sort, pedicures a movie or something. Any reason for a girls day out!!!!

My personal motivation is I think a few things. I am 33 and weigh the most I EVER have in my life. Not that I am overweight just not where i want t o be. I remember 2 summers ago(my sisters wedding)o how in shape I was and how good I felt, I want that again and I want it before the HUBBY returns from Korea in

Short post for the day I have to run to the post office to mail another box to Korea for the hubby and then time to head over to pick up my kiddo from school. I will leave you with a photo form my sisters wedding since I hate to post without photos!
Thanks for listenign to me ramble!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lazy weekend

Not too much happening around here this weekend. Was awoken pretty early this morning by a MUCH WELCOMED and NEEDED thunderstorm , remnants of hurricane Dean. Always love a good storm here in the desert since they are far and in between.
Hung out with Austin most of the day and spent a little time finishing up my dresses for the swap over at SPECKLED EGG .This was such a fun little swap to be in cant wait to get all the pretty dresses from all you talented girls!

Also been thinking alot about moving lately, I cant believe by this time next year we will be living in JAPAN. Seems so weird but I am sure it is going to be so wonderful. After all we will be a WHOLE family again...right! I can't wait for that day. I bought Ja's plane ticket this week to come home for Christmas he gets in on DEC 17th and stays a month. Counting down the days!

The only thing I am not looking forward to is the fact that we are getting rid of a family member our BELOVED SAINT SOFIE. How could anyone give away this face. I need to get in gear here soon and start looking seriously for a good home. If anyone out there locally knows anyone please pass along the word for me , it would be greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

back to school and a clean house !

My how fast they grow up! He had a great day besides a little mishap with his lunch , that was mistakenly taken by another child . It was more upsetting to me I think because he wasn't given a lunch AT ALL , but anyone who knows me KNOWS I took care of that this morning! Going back to school is a good thing around here these days. For starters it means a CLEAN HOUSE (WOHOO), since it will just be Lil ole me hanging around all day.... it also means a step closer to his daddy coming home. I keep telling him that school will make our time here without him go by so much faster. I think 2nd grade with Mrs. Gossard is going to be a FUN ONE!

Haven't had anytime to sit down and craft but I plan to get back to it soon. I did receive some wonderful mail this past week. My box from Sonya at LOVE OF YELLOW ROSES ,she was my partner for the CUPCAKE SWAP and boy did she spoil me .There was a yummy cake mix , frosting , sprinkles and cute little baking cups (which by the way ) we all ready have eaten! Some wonderful vanilla butter cream hand and body lotion (that smells good enough to eat) a SUPER MOIST CAKES recipe booklet that IO LOVE and the cutest handmade pieces with the same matching CUTE CUPCAKE , I love them all! Thanks again Sonya!

Then I received some goodies all the way from Germany from the sweet and very talented Nicole at SMALL TREASURES , my partner for the Tussie Mussie Swap. I had seen snippets on her Flickr and was so excited to finally see the rest it is GORGEOUS don't ya think and the goodies inside were fabulous too. Yummy vintage wallpaper, pink and blue tickets , some millinery flowers that I ADORE , trims and trinkets , and the cutest little bird cards ever and lots more goodness! Thanks NICOLE!

Crafty friends are the greatest ,especially all the new ones here in BLOGLAND. I was given the
by Maria at the JUNKDRAWER and I guess you are supposed to nominate others. Everyone is so nice here , that it would be hard to just pick one, So I want to give it to all you sweet girls , and especially the ones who's blogs I frequent listed over on my SIDEBAR!!!

Hope everyone is having a GREAT WEEK :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Shes a CRAFTY one

My daughter who is 14 has been bitten by the craft bug this summer. She is loving to alter and sew anything she can get her hands on.....

Here are her 1st two aprons! What is going on I have no patience to even attempt an apron and hers look so cute!

We went to a few thrift stores last week where she had me get an ugly rusty metal index card box and here is the end result after a night of crafting at the JUNKDRAWER. Did I mention it was the cutest thing made that night?

And last but not least this beauty she made for my mom , i just love the colors!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Spur of the moment

I decided on a whim to drive the kids up to Sedona for the night and hang out. Such a pretty town, with so much ART and shopping. Unfortunately I didnt get too see much of that on this trip since that isnt why I brought them up there, couldnt make them suffer through that , could I?

We did have a good time just being tourists and doing the outdoorsy stuff. We spent most of today in the Coconino national forest exploring and TRYING to swim, notice I said TRYING. Slide rock was closed DUE to high levels of algae caused by all the rain they got the night before. Then we went further down to a different part of the canyon to a place called Grasshopper point . Tons of people in the water ,but for us it was WAY TOO COLD! We are talking the burn your skin kinda need a wet suit cold!

All the fun came to an abrupt hault when a guy jumping off a cliff (which everyone including small children were doing) snapped his ankle in half. The camera happy person I am even took a photo, how bad is that??

We had a fun picnic and saw lots of beautiful scenery and went to a trout farm but the whole reason for going to SWIM was not happening today, sorry kiddos!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Missing him

I found this picture a few weeks ago of my hubbie and have had it out ever since. I love him in uniform allthough I dont see him in that one too often (he usually wears BDUS)
Thought I would put his handsome face here for me too see too! I also thought as time went on it would get easier but it hasnt , I miss him tons!
On a positive note all you obsessed shoppers out there dont forget today was the opening of Andrea Singarellas store ONE HUNDRED WISHES . She has alot of great things in ,but ya better get over there quickly because I am sure things are going fast!
A short post for today ........