Shabby Miss Jenn

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

No time for crafting

Wow this past weekend was a busy one! This week is shaping up to be the same . I spent most of yesterday getting the newly turned 15 year olds new cellphone turned on for her before school was out. If that wasnt headache enough, I then have another problem with my car! As I type I have taken it into the dealer and I am waiting on a call to see what is wrong. Wish me luck, dern cars! Hey at least this time it didnt try and drive off with me...haha!

So there has been no time for crafting but of course I am still picking up supplies here and there. I need to work on my Swap project so I can get it in the mail this week to my secrect admirer! Ok and sister if you are reading look away... I have a project in mind that I want to make for her too. She will be the Birthday girl this coming Monday!

I am getting excited about TV again because BIG BROTHER will be back in just a few weeks and of course LOST starts this week, thats my hubbies fave! I still need to go out and get season 3 we have the other 2 and I know he wants that one for sure! Who else has a MUST watch show?

I hope to put all my fun finds and buys to use soon but until then I will share some of them with you.

Have a Great week!

My super cute mini heart feather wreath I love this thing!

Lots of fun Valentines day picks , the white ones with the rose are from Maria some of her Thrifty finds! Thanks girl!

Yummy boxes !

Floral sprays with the cutest velvet bunny

Friday, January 25, 2008

Birthday Breakfast

My baby is 8! Thanks for all the Birthday wishes!
This morning I surprised him with a birthday breakfast before school. Austin has had a really hard time this past year with his daddy being gone and was very adamant that he didn't want to have a party with out his dad. I even tried to get him to have one while he was home but he didn't want that either. WE did have a fun filled day before he headed back to Korea ,an early celebration if you will. He got new Wii games and another pair of Heelys since his feet wont seem to STOP GROWING!
I still wanted today to be some what fun of course. So I pulled out the party supplies, had all the presents wrapped and baked some cinnamon rolls (HIS FAVE) and topped with 8 candles. When he came downstairs he was QUITE SURPRISED! He said to me later on "MOM you are being kind of weird about this day"
Ahh do you suppose he is getting to GROWN up??
I have to run to and up the cupcakes and be at school today at 2 for his classroom celebration, MORE FUN!!
Here are a few photos I snapped while he was opening up some of his presents and of course talking on the phone to his daddy who called to wish him a Happy Birthday.

WE have a very busy weekend planned and I am in need of some down time , wouldn't you know it? I am still trying to adjust to having a 3 month old around ,she wears me out!

Have a great weekend everyone

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

15 and 8 Oh my!

My babies are growing up and growing up fast! Where does the time go? They both have birthdays this weekend , Austin turns 8 on Friday and Britni will be 15 on Sunday...crazy! She is super excited to be able to get her learners permit finally! He is happy to be turning 8 like the rest of his friends who all seem to have a birthday a month or 2 before I am thankful that they are both GREAT KIDS! Love you GUYS!

I came across a fabulous artist this past week that I am sure most of you all ready knew about!


I was lucky enough to snatch up one of her adorable creations and was so happy when it arrived this weekend. It is just adorable!

Check out her etsy Here SUSIE SCOTT STUDIOS

I have been working on my swaps and have finished up everything for Natalea my partner for the Sweetheart Box Swap and hope to get to the post office today! Its been a challenge having a 3 month old around and getting anything done. I forgot just how much work wittle bebes are!

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Am I a lucky girl or what?
I was having a totally BLUE MONDAY since Ja had returned to Korea and later that afternoon I check the mail to find a box from the oh so TALENTED and SWEET Natalea Kandefer my partner for the SWEETHEART BOX SWAP. She really put a smile on my face when I needed it, Thanks NATALEA!!!
All this pink who wouldn't be HAPPY??

This gorgeous box made of wonderful goodies and filled with all sorts of yummy things! She included a Yankee Fresh Cut roses Candle and let me tell ya , it smelled like a DOZEN ROSES when I opened it up :) I love the sparkly heart ornies!

How cute are these HEART DISHES I love THEM! They found a home in my kitchen yesterday.
The smaller box in the middle is hand painted in the prettiest shade of pink and glittered to perfection of course and I just love the vintage image she chose for the top, so pretty! I placed it on my bedside table with a vase full of flowers near and I put my jewelry in it when i went to bed last night.

A close up of one of the bowls. She also sent a jar of yummy sprinkles and a recipe card .I know I TOOK a photo of them and I seem to have deleted it...hmmm
Thanks again Natalea for being such a GREAT PARTNER!
and Thanks for all the sweet comments and emails yesterday , those helped to brighten my day as well!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Blues

I have made it through one day and I am trying to get back on track. He called from Korea around 5am to let me know he is half way around the world again...
I don't remember it being this hard the first time. Maybe that is because I didn't know what to expect.
We had such a fun time while he was home and it was really hard to say goodbye. Going to try and stay busy and hope the next few months fly by and keep in mind we will be headed to a TROPICAL ISLAND soon .

I hope to get busy on my swaps now that I may have some free time. I say MAY have free time because I started watching a friends baby this morning and she(Hailey) is just 3 months old and we all know babies can keep you busy . That is part of the reason I decided to watch her to occupy my time.

Jenn & Cheryls Secret Admirer Valentines SWAP
Marias Sweetheart Box Swap

Tomorrow night we are headed to another Hockey game , we love HOCKEY and we love the COYOTES! I actually just found a new bed set for Austins room and I am going to redo his room before we head to Japan in all COYOTES stuff, he will love it! Maria and Tony and the kiddos are going with us this time , should be tons of fun , I think its there first HOCKEY game.

Well off to take out something for dinner and I think little Miss is getting hungry here too.
Have a great week everyone!
I will leave you with a few photos , some from a Hockey Game and a couple from bowling on Friday

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Well we are home and what a blast we had!
I have lots of photos only I haven't even began to upload them yet! I might get to them sometime this week , but then again maybe not since this is our last week with Ja. Boy time flies....

Here are a few from Snobowl in Flagstaff , we had a ton of fun up playing in the snow. Austin loved it but was really ready to leave once he got cold. I thought It would be hard to drag him outta there but he proved me wrong!

If not you need to hurry on over and sign up for this fun swap at
Maria is hosting this sweet one and I am sure you wont want to miss out so hurry on over before the 7th to be included!
I also wanted to mention here something that happened when I hosted my swap. I know these things happen but I hate when they do. I usually would not mention any names but with the CIRCUMSTANCES I feel it s Ok to do so.
I had tried several times to reach ALLISON JACKSON from ONCE UPON A DAISY blogspot on her partners behalf . I never got a response. She however did get a package from her partner and never sent out anything in return as she had stated. Upon us trying to contact her a few more times , her blog was mysteriously shut down and her email GONE . I hate that this happened but understand that there a people out there who do this . I just want to make sure this same one doesnt get away with it again.
Ok girl I suppose I should getoff this comkputer and unpack.
Hope everyone is off to a great start this New YEAR!!