Shabby Miss Jenn

Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday ,all ready?

Good morning all, hope your weekend was a good one. I for one think it went by way too fast. Mondays are my least favorite day of the week!
I took the plunge and chopped off all my hair again , to prepare for summer is what I always tell myself. We will be in the midst of moving when it reaches 110+ here. I will have to get used to humidity again..oh boy what fun! I will make sure to have Austin snap a photo of the new do this afternoon. We are starting to get all of our ducks in a row so to speak for the big move. I have all the passport paperwork filled out just need to get the photos taken this week. Then I need to work on our medical and dental clearance , they want to make sure we do not have any underlying health issues that they might not be able to care for.

I wanted to give a big thanks to the sweet and talented Miss SARAH of Gyspy Mermaid Life she awarded me this cute award, she always SPARKLES my day too with her sweet comments!

So I guess its my turn to pass along the blog award to some other wonderful bloggers, who's comments and blogs SPARKLE my day!

Maija a local gal, so thoughtful and sweet ! We really must meet!

Jennifer -Talented and sweet mom of 3 , who I wish I lived closer too!

Dena -Bag Designer EXTRAORDINAIRE , really needs to get her shop NO PRESSURE DENA!

Karin - You will easily be hooked on her blog I WARN YA! Beautiful
artwork and the girl can write like no other! You crack me up Karin :)

Ok so once again I didn't finish up any craft projects but my house is CLEAN from top to bottom. literally. I must have been living under a rock because I had never seen or heard of CLOROX GREENWORKS . A girlfriend from back home had called over the weekend and mentioned this new stuff. So glad I went out and got it! I wiped down every baseboard window sill and blinds, cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms and the floors with this yummy stuff. The whole house has a FRESH clean lemony scent and I love it! Makes it really feel like spring! Each product contains over 99% natural ingredients that are biodegradable, so you really are being GREEN.

Well now that the INFOMERCIAL is over I guess I should get in gear for the day, have a few errands to run and yes HONEY the post office is at the top of the list, your box is on its way!
Have a great week!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spring Fever

1. spring, 2. pink and white, 3. Spring swap, 4. Spring Chick Boxes, 5. Sweet Spring Egg Baskets, 6. Vintage Easter, 7. Tulips, 8. Spring Blocks, 9. Spring Bunny Completion 012, 10. signs of Spring......, 11. Oh Baby! Happy Feathery Friday!, 12. Strawberrys, 13. These pink twirleebirds are almost as cute as me!, 14. Detail Easter Wreath, 15. pink bird, pretty eggs, 16. Rhubarb "Tea"

I definatley have been bitten by a little spring bug here. WE have had warmer temps the past week or so and I love it! Also quite a bit more rain than usual here in the desert, as I type its coming down outside again.
I pulled out the Spring and Easter things today but didnt get around to unpacking very much, that 4 month old little bebe keeps me busy!
I hope to get to that and to finishing up the Easter boxes I started last week, notice I said HOPE, always something keeping me from!
I did shop though,always time for that. Isnt it great that we can sit here and just click away and have instant gratification! I would like to thank NATALEA for always sharing her fun ETSY finds and great shops. I ordered from a new one today PINK ROSE PASTRIES, stop by and check her out.

Here are a few photos from when I unpacked a bit of stuff today

Last week we stayed super busy. We went and saw the SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES on Valetines day , I have to say it was rather cute. We also went to build a bear and since Austin is gettting to old and has a few too many bears we decided to make a bear for my cutie pie nephew who we will be going to see next month in Florida, cant wait!
He had a friend sleep over on Friday and then Saturday we picked up his BEST GAL PAL Miss CHLOEY and met a friend of mine at the rollerplex. Boy it had been a while since I was on roller skates , but hey check me out I didnt fall once!
Ok so .....Heres the thing about Austin and Chloey, you cant say its his girlfriend because he gets VERY MAD , but his teacher says it is very apparent all the time, he looks out for her, helps her and plays with her everyday. She says its the cutest thing the way they are together... OH MY hes only in 2nd grade!

I had never really taken them places , we have had her over to play and vice versa. They had so much fun skating and then I took them out for ice cream afterwards, I still cant believe it ! Of course I had the CAMERA! SO I will leave you with a few pics of them.
Hope you all are having a great week!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day myspace graphic comments

Good morning everyone! Today is the big day. We get to reveal ourselves to our SECRET ADMIRERS. I have allready seen the things I sent out posted this morning! I am still trying to figure out who my admirer is though, she left no clues :)

Here are a few snippets of the things I sent out to my gal.

Now here are the SWEET TREATS I received from my admirer...I will be going to FIND her out as soon as I am done with this!

There were lots of wonderful goodies, yummy box of chocolates, a beautiful tussie filled with so many pink cute things, a lovely cherub candle holder and 2 little cherub plates , plus lots more! I love it all , thank you so much!

My youngest sweetie lost his 3rd tooth last night (finally) he was so happy to get money from thte tooth fairy this morning and valentines from mom! Look at that toothless grin .

Wishing all of you a wonderful day with lots of love!
I have been busy working on some cute Easter boxes, I will get photos up of them soon :)
Off to see all the other Admirers goodies and to see if I cant find out who mine is!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

Is not so super when you have a cold or are coming down with something!

I did still get out first thing this morning and VOTE though. AS many of you know my hubby is in the USAF and we need a commander in chief that supports them!

I finally found a bit of time last night to start putting everything together to mail out to my SECRET ADMIRER , for Jenn and Cheryls fun swap

Hopefully I will get a few SNEAK peek photos of them before they get shipped out tomorrow!

We had a SUPER weekend amongst thousands of other SUPERBOWL Fans. WE spent friday evening having dinner with friends down in the middle of all the chaos and we attended the parade and fireworks/laser light show. The kids were amazed! Of course we shopped and got our Superbowl Tshirts and such. Here is Austin painted with his fave team , the guy doing the face painting was having an issue whenever someone wanted a team other than the GIANTS or PATRIOTS.. OWELL Mister!

And one of me and Brenna in front of the fountains being silly ,thanks Austin! All in all it was worth fighting the crowds!

Saturday it was MOMS WE got all gussied up and headed out with the masses to a club in Scottsdale. Had a fun time , had lots of drinks and danced our butts off till they threw us out. I didnt quite like how I felt the next day but hey gotta have fun every once in a while!

And just incase you missed it :

The very talented CANDICE CARPENTER has a new shop opening soon !
I believe her grand opening is March 15th. Stop by and check it out! I can't wait!