Shabby Miss Jenn

Friday, May 30, 2008

He's home !!!

So my hubby came home to us for good, from Korea a week ago today. WE couldn't be happier!

Austin hasn't wanted anything to do with me since his daddy stepped off the plane but I understand. Its been non stop fun with dad! Between playing the Wii , Tech Deck stuff and all his new speed racer cars they went out and bought . Austin doesn't think there are enough hours in the day! We have also been going to the baseball field in the evenings when it cools off a bit. I am trying to keep him hyped up about our move to Japan (he is a bit sad ) Baseball starts a few days before we get there and I intend to get him playing right away , so he makes new friends soon after we arrive.

I have been busy with all the moving details and I think after a few phone calls to update our new address all will be done...finally. The movers get here on the 10th of June and should have everything packed and gone on the 13th . Its all happening rather quickly!

I am excited for our little trip to LA before we leave , with our great FRIENDS the RODARTES .
I am not sure how I would have ever survived this past year without Maria or her hubby !
We will be spending Fathers Day out on the SANTA MONICA PIER with the kids

Then we are going to take them to the TAR PITS
and other touristy stuff that's fun for kids. Hopefully Maria and I will have enough free time to stop in to Sweetpeas&Snapshots !

We will say our goodbyes in California and head up to Seattle to see my mother in law and her 2 sons before flying over to Okinawa. I will have the laptop and be checking in on the blogs from time to time and maybe making a few quick posts.

Tonight us girls are doing dinner and going to see the much anticipated SEX AND THE CITY which I have to admit ... I have never watched a single episode! Cant pass up hanging out with the girls though!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Busy , Busy

Wow the days sure are flying bye! I have had so much to do with getting ready for this move, that I barely feel like I have sat down. I did get a break this afternoon , I sat home and waited on the storage and moving companies to come out and do there estimates. So I decided to make a new banner and footer(scroll all the way to the bottom to see the footer) for my blog. Hey at least it was something creative! I don't know when the next time I will get to craft will be , I will have to live through all you crafting DIVAS for now!
So since I have nothing of my own to share . I thought I would post a few fun ETSY finds...

(photo from littleprettystudio)
Check out these awesome bulletin boards
Jennifer Pebbles of PaperandInk
makes these hip bulletin boards in all sorts of fun patterns

This shop EveryJotandTitle is filled with fun tags for all your projects

(photos from Everyjotandtitle)
I would love to order one of everything from this fun shop!
So many pretty designs and images on their paper products.

(photo from Digital Paperie)

This cute shop has FAST SHIPPING and a lot of fun PHOTO cards to choose from

(photo from Creative Apples)

and last but not least check out this cool store with lots of fun DECALS for your walls

Well I suppose it's time to go throw something together for dinner. Tomorrow I am going to attempt to make this yummy thing.....
Wish me luck!
P.S. Hubby is home on friday!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Great friends

Hope everyone had a fabulous mothers day. Mine was good, lunch with Austin and then of course we did something he wanted to do so we went and watched SPEED RACER. Pretty cool movie for little boys I suppose. I would prefer to watch P.S. I LOVE YOU with Hillary Swank again , very sweet movie I rented this week.

Still no birthday pictures to share ,my friend who has them is a work aholic and promises I will have them soon. I still haven't had time this week to take a photo of my wonderful birthday surprise from Maria. But I was able to find a photo online to share....So she makes me this beautiful card and hands me a box at dinner , not just any box a COACH box. That's another thing we have in common as best friends , our love of COACH purses. So I start reading the card and TEARS start to fall , it was the sweetest ever!

here's a snippet form the card.....


For four years you have been my best friend.

You have been there through the good and the bad.

This is a little token of my friendship. I have a matching one.

So where ever we may be in the world , when we wear them we

will remember our friendship.

See I told ya it was the sweetest ever! Now I haven't even opened the box yet. because I couldn't stop crying and thinking about how MUCH I am GOING TO MISS THIS GIRL!!!!

So I finally get the box open and see this beauty inside.......

  • I can hardly believe in a month I will be leaving AZ and on my way to Japan. We have everything pretty much ready to go , movers scheduled, flights arranged and we went in and got lots of shots (OH WHAT FUN) but better safe than sorry. My wonderful hubby will be home soon (11 days)and I am so ready to have him back for good! A year is a very long time....

  • Oh musnt forget that the sweet hubby that he is sent me gorgeous red roses
  • I think then I will be able to get excited about our new adventures to come!
  • For now I am too busy separating what we need to take and what needs to stay in storage, not a very fun task !
  • Oh and on a side note if anyone is looking for a new summery scent , I was given MARC JACOBS PEAR from another great friend and let me tell you , its SO YUMMY!

Well that's all for now. I guess I should get washing the laundry that wont wash itself, oh that would be a WONDERFUL MOTHERS DAY PRESENT!

Night everyone!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Still here

Wow its been a while since I have even been able to sit down and read any blogs or post on my own. I know I owe a few emails as well , didn't forget you all. I just had a rather busy ON THE GO kind of week.

I turned the big 34 last week . Eww ..haha!
It was a wonderful week though, lots of shopping and lunches with friends. A wonderful birthday night out including a fabulous dinner at a Italian restaurant , put together by my wonderful amazing friend MARIA. I cant tell you how much fun that was ! I will have to post about the most wonderful thoughtful gift she gave me as soon as I take photos or get all the photos emailed to me from the other night. Needless to say just reading the CARD I CRIED!!!! I love you girl!!!!
Then we all headed out to the SANDBAR for some drinks and dancing. Thanks again to all of my wonderful friends for such a great night!!! I love you all :)

I received my JUNQUE SWAP from BRITT and have yet to take any pics, but that's on the list of must does this week too..haha!
Short post for today though, I am supposed to be getting ready for my girls day lounging by the pool. Lots of yummy food and relaxing with friends for CINCO DE MAYO!

Be back soon!!