Shabby Miss Jenn

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Calling all FABRIC lovers

I wanted to share an awesome giveaway with you all , my TALENTED blogging buddy DENA from the SUGAR SHOP is hosting over on her blog. She has a big announcement this week and is hosting a giveaway . I am hoping she is launching a new store with her fabulous creations! I am going to need an ultra cute diaper bag!
So stop by and check her blog and her wonderful photography and designs out :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Back to school and somewhat NORMALCY

Well things should be getting back to somewhat normal I suppose with school starting on Monday . Although we have boxes and boxes stacked everywhere you look in this house , so I guess normal isn't quite the word I should be using! Or stuff finally arrived on island this week. It has been tough trying to get it all organized and put away in this house. so much smaller than what we are used too and well I couldn't bare to put much of our stuff into storage for 3 years. So needless to say the closets aren't the only thing bursting at the hinges, we have wall to wall furniture too.

Today was open house at Austins new school and that went well. Pretty big school compared to what he is used to and for the 1st time he has a male teacher. Mr. Horton , he seems like a fun yet lets get down to business kind of teacher. Austin liked his name and teased with him saying Mr. HORTON HEARS A WHO... which Mr. Horton thought was really funny. He wasn't so sure at first when he knew he had a male teacher , but after meeting him and hanging in the class for a bit , I think all is well.

It is still hotter than heck here , the humidity is just brutal. We have been trying to do some fun stuff on the weekends with our friends Joanne and Bernard and there kids . We did make it to Kokusai St (lots of shopping) and were lucky enough to go on a festival weekend. Which meant lots of Eisa dancers and Taiko drummers. the kids loved it. I was able to find a small drum for my nephew that day , just like the ones the little taiko boys play. Boy my sister is just gonna love me isn't she!

Look what I found at the end of the street! it was fun to go in , but they wouldn't let you touch anything , they all had on gloves funny. I still think it will be way cheaper and more practical to order from them online!

And I have some other news to share! We are expecting a new ANDERSON on March 5th! I was definately surprised and a bit shocked at first. We had talked on and off for more than 2 years about me not being a spring chicken (34 years young haha) anymore and if we were going to have one we better decide soon. So as the saying goes god works in mysterious ways . We are all pretty excited now but at the same time I have been a bit depressed being so far away from all my family and friends . i had my first ultra sound this week and would love to share the wee wittle ones photo ONLY my scanner is in 1 of the 100 unpacked boxes around
Now if I could just get past this morning/day sickness maybe i could get some unpacking done!!!

i have been ordering new craft supplies so hopefully within the month my house will be in order and I can craft with all you divas, who I MISS!!!

hugs to you all!