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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Typhoons and hurricanes Oh my...

All this horrible weather lately. My family lives along the gulf coast and escaped this one thankfully . My dear friend KRISTIN left Houston a few days before all the chaos and I am still waiting to hear from her again. Hopefully soon!
Then we had a TYPHOON coming straight for us , I panicked a bit because I have never been through one of these yet . And TO ME TYPHOON sounds much worse than HURRICANE! That again could all be just never having experienced one first hand and the thought of not being able to EVACUATE which is a little unsettling! But we got pretty lucky and it headed back out to sea and we have just had tons of WIND and thunderstorms. I did go out and get all the necessary supplies( batteries, canned foods, propane cases of water and candles ..) now we are the proud owners of a STORM CLOSET . Not that I had space for any of that !!!

We have bought Austins costume all ready from this cool store BUY COSTUMES . He is such a HUGE Star wars fan and the minute he saw this costume that was all she wrote , he had me pressing add to cart and pay I was very happy with this website..super fast shipping and not overly priced ,like a lot of other places I have ordered from since getting to Japan.

I signed up for BELLAWEEN and cant wait to see what fun stuff Teresa has awaiting us!
All though none of my craft supplies have made it out of the boxes and class starts tomorrow!
The hubby has another DR appt. this afternoon for his torn hamstring ...he still cant ben
d down
which means no carpet down and no craft room unpacked...uggh!

This weekend we ventured out and found some cool new stores . One of them was along the lines of IKEA and it actually had some crafty things such as clipboards, bulletin boards , flowers ...not a HUGE selection but I will definitely go back. We also stopped at a shopping center that was FUN for me , it was a mix between POTTERY BARN, CRATE AND BARREL, WILLIAMS OF SONOMA, and The BODY SHOP. I was excited to see such a place! The lighting section in the MAX PLUS store was incredible, some of the most gorgeous chandeliers I had ever seen and of course I didn't have my camera! Oh and Lots and lots of SOY candles too..YIPPY!
This is one of the beauties they had!

And before I head out to start some laundry I wanted to share this fun little site I came across this week.Many of you have it bookmarked I am sure but for those of you who dont...............

I just love all the CRAFTY roundups !!!

Have a great week everyone!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

CONGRATS and other random things

(Photo from Dena's Blog)

My last post I linked ya to a giveaway and now I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS again to my buddy Mrs. DENA ROONEY -BERG! She has an amazing talent and I am so happy for her with her new GIG . As a designer for the UBER COOL Baby company The Peanut Shell.
She has designed these cute Hospital bags (you can find more on her blog) for the company and I am sure we will see much more of her amazing talents! I know I cant wait to find out what I am having , so I can order one of her gorgeous diaper bags!CONGRATS AGAIN!!!!

So school is in again (and going well) and I am home alone again. Only this time in a foreign land I have yet to figure out. Its quite different that's for sure. No crafting or craft organizing yet. I had planned on getting started over the weekend after hubby laid the new carpet in there , but it had to be put on the back burner again.... hubby wound up at the DR. on Friday with a torn hamstring. So needless to say he was out of commission all weekend, he even made me drive everywhere we went ! How dare he

How many of you are still holding out on putting up all the Halloween goodies? I keep seeing all the cute stuff in blog land and its killing me not to get it all out yet. Ja would know I have lost my mind for sure if I put it out this early. I was surprised last night to see a Halloween section here in our Toys R Us and of course had to pick up a cute new nick knack I found, but wont share just yet since I also bought one for my buddy Maria and I don't want her to see it !

We did manage to take a short trip this past month to the gorgeous Busena Terrace Beach Resort

(looking back at the resort from the Boat ride)

So much fun stuff to do there but being pregnant and in the dead of summer it was quite tiring!
The glass bottom boat ride was really neat and man you can't even imagine how much sea life we saw! Thousands and thousands right off shore , including those scary SEA SNAKES..YIKES. Wouldn't you know when we wen to get on the boat huge clouds rolled in and it was sprinkling , so the water wasn't the clearest they said but man it was gorgeous!

My guys checking out all the cool fish

the fish were so colorful (imagine some of your favorite fruity cocktails in those vibrant colors)
only since the water was cloudy and murky from the rain , they don't look so great in my photos but they were!

Cute trolley we used to get around the resort

One of the many restaurants, this one lets just say ..had a less than desirable menu for preggo people! Squid ink pasta and lots of other LOCAL cuisine , I cant quite come to try!But they had great deserts!!!!

here are a few more pics

Us hanging out at the cabana relaxin. Notice the roots on that head..haha! I need to find someone here to get it done!

Ok well I suppose I have yapped on enough for one day....
Time to start making the Chicken enchiladas .. I AM REALLY missing all the yummy food from back in AZ can ya tell??
Hope everyone has a great week :)
Hugs to you all!