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Monday, November 24, 2008

New look

I can't believe it, it took nearly all day long , BUT I gave my blog a complete makeover and I am loving it!!!

It was much more difficult than I thought it would be . I purchased a fun blog pack from
Shabby Miss Jenn Designs and then played with it all day.

What do you think?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rain rain and more rain

(tents going up the first day)

Well our camping trip was cut short by a few hours due to a crazy out of NO WHERE storm , I guess those happen when you live on an island. The boys all 100 of them and their leaders were set up in front of the bonfire on the beach to perform songs and skits for the families. Well lets just say it got dark, they lit the fire and boy we had a front row seat to getting electrocuted ! 100 yards from the ocean we all sat in our chairs umbrellas in hand to shield us from the rain . Talk about crazy. They then asked all of us to PLEASE go home as lightening had struck land near by a few times. it was all pretty crazy , 100's of kids and parents rushing in the rain back to their tents , ripping it all down as fast as we can and piling it into the vehicles soaking wet....

here are a few photos from the better moments earlier in the day...

This is them starting off on their beach clean up

Waiting to start all there fun activities that morning

This next has to be one of my faves from the day, Austin and his daddy working on an origami project together!

And a few from the fun Balloon battle game they all loved. Austin would have won except his balloon wound up with a slow leak and ran out of air before he could pop the other kids...drats!

All in all it was a fun weekend and the boys had a blast and earned lots of new patches and a few belt loops .

So we arrived home like I said Sat night instead of Sunday afternoon and man it has barely quit raining since then! I am a little tired of all the wet stuff , but the cooler temperatures it has brought are much welcomed!

I have been trying to get into a crafting mood again , but not quite there yet. I pulled out some stuff to start a few Christmas cards last night and didn't finish a single one! Maria and I decided we needed to do weekly challenges to get going , so our first one for this week is a Christmas plaque of some sort. I bet she started hers today while I was sleeping . I better get off here and think about starting mine!

But before I go here's a snippet of my ever growing belly , taken last night ...

@24 weeks

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wish me luck!

We have our first FAMILY CAMP OUT for cub scouts this weekend. I am so not a camper !
My idea of camping is less than 24 hours and we are back home unless of course there's a hotel and pool involved..haha
We head out tomorrow afternoon (friday)and get home sometime Sunday. I am not quite sure how this is gonna work for me since I am 5 months pregnant and make 100+ trips a night to the bathroom ! I have been assured there are plenty of restrooms... I also know there are 100 families going , so this pregnant lady may be waiting in a few lines ..uugh
Austin couldn't be more excited. He has 3 classmates of his who are also in his group and will be going as well. They have tons of stuff planned for them , so he should have a great time..its me I am worried about,haha!
Here's my Little Cub Scout last week when he got his first patch

I have been busy ordering stuff for the new lil one , since I haven't been able to find very much here to buy. I must say between all that stuff and my Christmas shopping I am VERY TIRED of paying shipping and would just like to drive to the dang store!
I did find a good deal here on island , they have a website called Okinawa Yard Sales where everyone sells things . Well I decided to check it out and I was able to get a swing for the baby last night. It sells in stores right now for 129 and I got it for a whopping 50 bucks! Go me! Hey hey no shipping either..that ROCKS! The cool part was the lady selling it has a 7 month old who only ever sat in the swing like 3 times . So it is basically brand new. I may just have to keep my eye on that site!
We also got a crib and mattress this past week at the one and only furniture store here and now just trying to find some furniture to match , notice I said TRYING...good thing I have a few more months!

Well I suppose I should head upstairs to bed. We have a busy day with a parent teacher conference and there 1st report cards, and then getting all the last minute stuff we need before heading out to the beach to camp.
Hope all of you have a fantastic weekend!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Todays the DAY

Many of you will be waking up and heading to the polls soon. I will be glued to the TV watching the results roll in all the way over on the other side of the world, feels strange. My absentee ballot was sent in a few weeks ago and counted.
Do your part and make sure your vote counts today too :) No matter who you vote for!

I got this cute little button over on Delaneys blog , she has a few others if you are interested.