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Friday, January 23, 2009

Quick post to remember our sweetie

So this weekend was supposed to be a happy one . Austin turns 9 on Sunday and we are having his party this afternoon (Its saturday here in Okinawa all ready)

I received an email 2 days ago with some not so good news about our sweet Mocha kitty we left with our dear neighbors when we moved over here . As if that wasnt hard enough.....
I now have to tell our son who still cries to this day when he looks at pics of his kitty that he has passed away.
It seems that Mocha became ill very suddenly , was unable to use his hind legs to even stand up and had been spraying the house (so they thought) they brought him into the vet that day where he stayed for 2 days and only got worse. It turns out he had a tumor on his bladder that was cancer.
My heart goes out to our sweet friends Erika and Brad for having to go through this and there 4 children who love Mocha and will miss him dearly.

I still haven't told Austin as of yet.. I figure I would wait till his FUN weekend was over. I know it will be rough , he has never LOST a pet so to speak , other than having to give up his pets to move to this island.....

Sometimes being a mommy just sucks .... having to break your wittle ones heart!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A great weekend

I didn't forget about my drawing , we have just had a super busy weekend!
But as promised the name will be posted TODAY the end of this .........

Everything we had ordered for the baby finally arrived, minus one valance , so that was a HUGE relief. We got the whole room painted and I love it ! Hubby did such a great job on it. Made this mama HAPPY :) I will post a few pics as soon as I take some
Now I need to get ordering stuff for his walls ! I found a really cute ETSY shop called


I think I may order a custom quote from her this week .

Austin competed in his first Pine Wood Derby on Saturday for the Cub Scouts. He had a blast and so did we! The boys were so proud of there cars and really enjoyed the day!

His cool car that Daddy helped him make

The boys waiting patiently to race there cars

He and his buddy Nathan So close , but he one this one!

Getting his trophy and awards , he took 3rd place overall and gets to go to nationals in march, wohoo!!

And before I go ... I used the Random number generator and the WINNER is #12 the super sweet CHELSEA from Paper Cakes!
Thanks to all my blog friends who entered :)

Off to work on a few more tags for this SWAP so I can get them in the mail this week!
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Things I love...

Back as promised with my RANDOM things I love ....

Thanks again Britt for the Fun award :)

1. Since everything is baby now a days around here , I had to include something from this category.


I can't decide which I want to order , but hopefully by the end of the week I will have made up my mind ! These are my 3 top faves ..which do you like best??

Camillia Roll


Tigris Roll

4. These yummy lip glosses , I have went through 2 this past month!

5. Girl Scout Cookies!!! Hubby brought home 4 boxes this weekend!
Oh how I love these little boogers in the FREEZER!!!

These super cute Aprons. I have been a baking fool these past couple months , cant wait till I have the baby and can fit in one of these super cute things! Check them all out here....

7. And last but certainly not LEAST , all of my wonderful Blogging friends. You all make me feel like I am not so far from home!

Ok so I am supposed to pass it on , here goes to these sweet and talented ladies


Don't forget to leave a comment on the previous post for my 100th post

Sunday, January 11, 2009

32 weeks & counting PLUS a Give Away

It feels as though I have been pregnant for ever. I know that's how everyone gets towards the end , but man I do not remember it being this! I have had no energy most days to do the simplest of tasks around here. The newest issue is not sleeping at night..oh boy. This is not fun , at 4am before the hubbies alarm clock is about to go off I am just barely falling asleep only to have to get up 3 hours from then. I have resorted to taking some medicine at night to help out with this issue.

Other than that we are slowly but surely getting everything ready , we are still missing a few things , OK well MAJOR things ..he might be sleeping in his bassinet at night and his pack n play during the day a little longer than planned if his bedding doesn't ever get here, it is on back order until the 19Th of this month..fingers crossed that it doesn't get pushed back. We have his car seat but the matching stroller we ordered is still floating around in MAIL LAND somewhere!
Oh the joys of living overseas! On the positive side his daddy should have his room all painted by the end of the week , so that makes me happy :)
Ok enough of the rants....

I decided I needed to do something creative and actually FINISH it this time (what a concept huh?) So I decided to join this sweet ladies swap . It seems simple enough , I hope to get started on it later on today.

Thanks to BRITT for this fun award...

The rules say to name 7 things you love and pass the award along to 7 deserving bloggers.

I will post my list tomorrow , that way I have something to BLOG ABOUT!
Thanks again Britt!

Before I go I wanted to announce my 100th post GIVE AWAY!
I am so happy to have made so many good friends here online in the blog world and in support of all our Crafty Divas I will be giving away a 25.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE to any ETSY shop you choose. Leave a comment here on this post and I will pull a name and contact that person NEXT SUNDAY the 18th .
Good luck girls and Happy ETSY SHOPPING .

Hope all of you have had a nice weekend !
Be back tomorrow with my list of Faves...