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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So soon....

It really does amaze me how fast these little ones grow! Hard to believe that we welcomed this precious little one into our lives 2 months ago. He is such a happy baby ,smiles all the time and is starting to make all his cute little noises. Sleeping is going much better ..yay for me!
He LOVES LOVES his bath , playing with his big brother and the cutest thing ever ..when his daddy rubs the bottom of his feet together, he gets a huge smile on his face and even giggles precious!

I have started going to the gym and trying to lose these THIGHS ...that seem to have gotten bigger when I was preggo and I so hate them! I want to fit in all my old clothes again but have to work those off first! Took a break today though because I am feeling a bit sore and don't want to over do it.

I was FINALLY able to find somewhere to get my haircut! I am so glad I ventured off base for this and gave RUMIKO a try it was wonderful!
She speaks VERY GOOD English is VERY friendly and she really knows how to cut hair unlike a lot of people I have seen here. Her place is by appointment only and she is booked for weeks out and now I see why. Its very charming once you go inside with dark wood floors and simple furnishings. There are only 2 chairs (since she is the only one cutting there) Upon sitting she quickly served myself and a friend who came along for the experience the yummiest glass of lemon tea. After our consultation she brought me to a smaller area where I sat in the neatest and comfiest black chair to have my hair washed. It was all electric and positioned like you were laying in a recliner..if you can picture that. Rumiko puts this linen cloth over your face so that you can close your eyes and enjoy the amazing head massage and delightful smells of the shampoo and conditioner. So citrusy and the massage was Divine for sure!
I was so impressed at the way she cut my hair , never once did she take out a pair of scissors! It was all done by hand with a razor and I have to say it was amazing! I must have told her that a few hundred times! I don't have a pic of my hair to post just yet , I got all rained on this morning taking Austin to school and haven't straightened it again as of yet , but next post I promise. I don't think I have EVER enjoyed getting a hair cut as much as I did at RUMIKOS , she really pampers you and does a awesome job on your hair! I would recommend if you are here on OKINAWA and need a Salon this be the one! My friend was so impressed she made an appointment before we left :) Oh and did I mention she spends at least an hour pampering and making you beautiful all for 3500 yen , wowzers!

We didn't ge to try out any new places last weekend because of cub scouts and of course RAIN , hoping it clears up this weekend so we can take a ferry to a smaller island called IE , and go to the Lilly Festival. Hubby says it does not sound fun at all , I told him to be quiet, no one said I wanted you to have fun! Austin is just excited that we might take a ferry keep your fingers crossed for us!
Here are a few pics from a cape we went to a while back located not to far from us
and a popular point here in Okinawa


My boys being silly in the car

This is Maeda Point one of the most popular dive spots on the island
At Maeda Point, you can see chromis, eels, tube worms, anemone, clown fish, lion fish, schools of squid and an occasional turtle. There are a series of 77 steps that lead down into the water , pretty neat

I am going to order a new lens for my camera and was thinking I need something for all these outdoor photos I will be taking.
Does anyone have this one?? If so would you recommend it? I am thinking that might be the one, along with a polarization filter so I can get bluer skies and less glare because that is all I seem to get in the middle of the day when we are out! Let me know girls :)
Tamron 28-200

Hope everyone is having a great week !

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Out and about

(He smiles all the time now)

Hope everyone had a relaxing Easter weekend!

I have been reading blogs weekly but have very little time to comment or post on my own! You see I have a baby who only cat naps during the day , and it makes for busy days that's for sure! No complaining though because he is doing much better at night ..yay

We have been out and about seeing sites here on the island for the past few weekends and trying out new places to eat. The latter is still taking some getting used too. They eat A LA CART at most places and of course there is SUSHI a plenty . I am not find of either . So its been difficult finding anywhere off base that I love to eat! We did find a place that serves good Pizza and has a gorgeous courtyard called the Pizza House.

You dont see many places like this here so pretty

Went to CAPE ZANPA and climbed all the way up to the top of the lighthouse , baby and all .
The view was incredible

(up on top of the lighthouse)

We also walked over to
Zanpa Misaki Recreation Park , where they have a small petting zoo and lots of grassy areas for the kids to play and this 30 foot Shisa dog really was neat to see.

I have a lot more scenery pics from places we have been but I will share those another time .
Here are a few pics from Easter , we spent the day with our neighbors and good friends Brandie and Jarrod and there girls . we really will miss them when they leave in 12 weeks! First we went to brunch where we ate way too much! Then we headed home for an egg hunt with all the kids in our area , can you believe I didn't take a single pic??What is wrong with me! The rest of the afternoon was spent just hanging outside with lots of laughs (good times) The weather was gorgeous AFTER the egg hunt of course!

Preston and his 1st Easter bunny

Brandie & Jerrod

Austin ,Mckenzie & Kelsey at brunch

Katie & Little Miss Zoey our other neighbors

Love this one even with the beer lol!

Well I have bombarded you with photos thats for sure! But before I forget.... I have to show you the photos of my pedicure from Cocoks , we girls here are spoiled with an hour long foot and leg massage and the most intricate toe nail art I have ever seen!I have been going at least once a month and getting the cutest designs , here are the current ones.
So if you hate feet look away now...haha

and this one I stole off KATIES blog just so you could see some more amazing toe art!

How cute huh?

Ok well time to go start dinner ..and fold some more laundry, hopefully I can catch up on my blog posting this evening !