Shabby Miss Jenn

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cleaning house and goofing off

Not much going on today , Austin is on a field trip to the AQUARIUM which he was very excited about, he never gets out of bed on time for school usually and today he was practically up before me with excitement. I remember those days as a kid and I love when he gets that way! Next week they go bowling and the following week will be his last day in the 3rd , that went by FAST!

Preston is growing like a weed and developing quite the personality these days. He laughs all the times and has started hollering and even cute! He loves when his daddy and big brother come home at the end of the day!

I have been able to do a few creative things .. I finished another page for Preston and started a few others that I need to finish up! I knew I needed to do a NICKNAME page for him because it seems we call him by everything BUT his name! I usually call him Sweet P or P nut the most , daddy calls him nutter butter , P dog and P nut .. he has a bunch of them so here's his page documenting his wittle nicknames.

Like I need another reason to sit at this dern computer.. but atlas I have found one!
Have any of you hear of Polyvore??
OMG such eye candy on this place . I have seen lots of images used from you girls here in blog land , such as Jenny Heid,Katies Rose Cottage , Leeisbella and many more.
Here is a simple one I through together

Here are a few others that caught my eye check them out!

Ok well laundry is calling my name.. cant ignore it this time!
Let me know if any of you have a polyvore account so I can add you to my friends list!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I scrapped!

I hope all you Moms had a wonderful Mothers Day! Ours was nice , we went bowling early on in the day and then headed out to the beaches. It was a great WARM day ..its really starting to heat up here in Okinawa, but thankfully the humidity hasn't surfaced too much yet!
Here are a few random pics from the day

The littlest bowler ...

Our neighbor and good friend Brandie with her girls ..her hubby is gone to Korea

Me and my baby boy hanging out by the caves at the beach while the big boys explored

My babies at Zanpa Beach

Talking to daddy!

He wasnt always happy...

I did manage to scrap a page last week and even start another! I also got another box in the mail full of new goodies...better put them to use! Still waiting on all my new camera stuff..BOOO

I also went and had another wonderful Cocoks pedicure and massage , heres my super bright but cute new toes! Dont know If I mentioned it or not... but all there nail art is HAND PAINTED! Super talented I might add! I am going to get a picture of my girl Miyuki next time!

Well this was challenging typing with a baby on my lap so please excuse any typos!
Off to feed said baby and work on some more scrapping!
Have a great week everyone!

Friday, May 1, 2009

the weekend again..wohoo

Its the weekend again favorite time of the week . We have been going out and sight seeing and of course hubby gets up with our little guy and I get to sleep! Oh how I love the weekends! HAHA

So here are a few pics of the new short hair , Austin took the 1st pic last night and then hubby and I went to Chilis for my birthday lunch today and I had him take one of me and Preston. You know how it is ,us mommies are always taking the pics! I never seem to make it in very many , but I wanted one on the day I turned 35 ..oh yikes I am getting up there ain't I?

No special plans for my Birthday since we have Cub scouts tonight and they only have a few more planned activities this month, before it ends . Hoping to get to the Lilly Festival over on IE island tomorrow (if its not to windy)and maybe dinner at Sams By the Sea. I was hoping my new lens would have gotten here by now so I could take it to IE and play around with it but alas still waiting ... hate having to shop online for EVERYTHING!!!!

I wanted to let you all know about a sale my super sweet blogging buddy SARAH over at
is having soon ......

You can find out more here on this POST
Hope you can stop by and help her out :)

I have been SCRAP shopping again , now If I could just find the time to actually scrap it would be great! I told myself since it is National Scrap Book day this weekend I had to at least get one page done! WISH ME LUCK! I do have a page planned out for Preston so that's a start, right?

Before I go ..has anyone tried making their own baby food? I have been looking into it this week and think I might give it a try when its time to start feeding him. I am just hoping I can find enough variety here on the island to be able to do it...don't think I have seen any butternut squash or yams since I been here lol. If anyone has any tip please let me know I would appreciate it :)

Well off to Cub Scouts!
Hope you all have a fab weekend!