Shabby Miss Jenn

Sunday, June 28, 2009

We have been here a year!

June 9th was a year since we left our friends and family behind and started our journey to Okinawa. I suppose since I was pregnant and have since had Preston , it hasn't felt as if it has been a year. He sure keeps me busy!
We have seen a bunch this past year on this little island , but I still have a TO DO LIST for us to slowly cross off.
I am going to post it here so I can come back and make sure to blog about them or at least post a few pics!

- Bios on the Hill

- Fukushuen Chinese Gardens - I really want to go here in Feb. when all the Cherry blossoms are in bloom!

-Ryuku Mura park
At several places throughout the park you have the chance to participate in the local crafts. You can buy a ticket to paint Shisa dogs, try your hand at bingata or pottery

- Pineapple Park
Where they make and sell yummy wine!

-Nago Castle Site Park - again need to go here when the Cherry Blossoms are blooming

- Hiji Falls- Gotta be in shape for this one , I here it is a hike to the falls!

- Neo Park - Sort of like a zoo

- Nishizaki Shinsui Park

- Okuma -Preston has to be a bit bigger before we commit to camping anywhere, but we really want to go here!

-Cape Hedo - The only Cape we havent been able to make it to yet

I am sure I am forgetting a few!

I really am missing home after being gone this long and hoping now that Prestons passport is in (dont even get me started on that..) that we can make a trip home in Sept. or Oct. I cant wait to see my family and for them to see our new little man~
Speaking of that little man ..check him and his cute little hat out. This hat from the GAP supposedly is an EXTRA small . I think they are full of it because it looks huge on him! He turned 4 months . He is so much smaller than Austin was at this age. He weighs 13 pounds 8 ounces and is mostly wearing 0 -3 months clothing still with a few 3-6 months thrown in , hes my WITTLE guy for sure :) He's rolling over both directions and he is pretty demanding all ready but he is the center of our world for sure!

We went to a new beach this weekend and Austin had a blast snorkeling. He starts swimming lessons next week so we can get him certified next year to scuba dive..he is very excited about that!

Hope everyone back in the US has a fabulous 4th of July . We have a few parties and events going on here , should be fun ..
I came across these cute cupcakes this week on a few blogs and wanted to share, so cute and simple Might just have to bake some !

You can find them on this blog

Well better get my butt in gear , because as we all know the house doesnt clean itself!
Hopefully with in the next few weeks things will slow back down around here and I can starting scrapping and crafting a bit again . I did receive my 1st LABEL TULIP kit in the mail today and cant wait to play with it!
I will leave you with pics of this fun kit
Have a fabulous week :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Did I mention I hate rain?

(pic I took out at Ikei island we went to a few weekends ago)

Wow I knew moving to a tropical island we would have a rainy season but I guess I didn't really know what that meant after living in the desert for 9 years! What it means is we are stuck in the house or inside! the 1st 2 days of summer break and it has barely let up at all. We had to cancel our beach day but we managed to make it to PET BOX and saw some really cute puppies (don't worry I am not a sucker anymore! WE left them all at the store ) then we tried to hit up our favorite off base ice cream shop called The BIG DIP, but we get there and find out its closed for remodeling! UUGH

So we end up at old faithful Baskin Robins here on the base, but by time we got back home we had to sit in the car for 10 or 15 minutes because it was storming again! That wet cold stuff is NO FUN I tell you! Lucky me I live on a rainy tropical island where more of that wet stuff is in our forecast this whole week! WE did get invited to dinner at a new Sushi place we haven't tried yet called Yoshi's and maybe if the skies let up long enough we might actually go! Oh and to top it all off my car has a leak somewhere in the back and the seat is getting wet and starting to smell...just great!

Preston is getting so big and he is at that FUN stage , loves to play and laughs at everything , he is a very happy baby!

Here he is with his adorable little girlfriend Zoey or as we call her Zoe Zoe , she is 2 months older than he is ... They are so cute together!

I have still been trying to scrap here and there when my little P- nut takes a nap and I even joined a new kit club , I have never done that before but there kits are just way too cute! And hey whats better than getting new stuff in the mail every month!
Here are 2 new pages I did recently :

this is Austin at one of the cool roller slide parks we have here

This one is one I did with a photo My buddy Maria took right before Ja left for the year in Korea ....

I am really enjoying scrapping again , now If I could only have more time to do it!

and before I go.. I wanted to mention my beautiful friend Serene. I have told you about her before here on my blog .. she had both kidneys removed yesterday and will be having a transplant in about 8 weeks or so . So far so good she is awake and of course in some pain but doing well . Please keep her in your thoughts as she has a lot still to come !