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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summertime ,scrapping and saying goodbye

It is definitely summer on my side of the world! The humidity is here in full force! All though the evenings we have been having some nice breezes and able to actually sit out back with the neighbors. Last night was a sad one , our great neighbors Brandie & Jerrod and their 2 girls were with us for the last time. AS I type they are on a jet plane headed back to the USA after having lived on island for the past 5 years. I know they were ready to get back home and start a new but we sure are going to miss them! Here's Brandie putting Pnut to sleep last night ..awee
Just looking at it I get teary eyed. WE meet so many wonderful people moving around but always have to leave them behind ..

We have spent a lot of time with them over the past few weeks before they headed out , but we have also been hitting the beaches! Preston got his toes in the water for the 1st time and seemed to love it . Austin has become quite the snorkeler and wants to learn to scuba dive , so he started swim lessons this past week to get more confidence, he is loving it so far.

Preston also went swimming for the 1st time , here he is in his cute little swim trunks

One of my Besties back home is due with her 2nd baby in a few short days..a girl Camden Faith . I am so excited for The Baxters and cant wait to see this precious little angel. I only WISH we lived closer now that we both will have little ones again because neither one of us ever dreamed of having more!

I did finish a layout today , surprisingly because this week I have done nothing short of laundry and hold a baby all day , yea he is going through THAT STAGE ... hope it doesn't last long! Oh I did get out and get my toes done with the girls. Don't love them because she put my palm trees upside down

Heres my page I did for a celebration over on LABEL TULIP

and a close up of the details

Well we have some friends coming over in a bit to drop off there kiddos so they can go out for a bit so I suppose I need to wrap this up for now. Hopefully I will be back to scrapping in the morning , feeling creative!

Here's is one more of my cute little man
4 months old

Hope everyone is enjoying there weekend :)