Shabby Miss Jenn

Sunday, August 30, 2009

4th grade , another new school year has arrived

So its official I have a 4th grader! He was up and excited to start the new school year this morning! We found out on Friday he had gotten the COOL teacher he was hoping for Mrs. Haynes. And I think he was quite impressed with the new classroom too . They are a paperless class and have their own laptops , which made it feel like a college classroom instead of grade school . Cant wait until he comes home and I get to hear all about the 1st day. I have to admit he has only been gone a few short hours and I miss him! I know PRESTON does , he is such a great big brother and always so helpful with the little Pnut.

The back of his cool shirt he picked out

Off he goes.. we'll miss you !

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Help me decide!

I have been looking at Halloween costumes for the boys Austin has decided he wants to be a NINJA, just not anything from GI JOE so we have been looking for the perfect one, but I cant decide what I want for Preston.....

I wanted him to be a monkey all along because I call him Monkey toes a lot

But then ,when searching I found a cute SQUIRT costume (turtle from Finding Nemo :)

And of course now I cant decide!
Which one do you like?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Under the weather

So we have all been hit with the sick bug in this house , even my sweet baby boy. I finally caved in and went to the Doctor after a week of non stop coughing , he says its just a viral thing going around island... I say it needs to move out of my house ASAP! Preston hasn't done too terrible I just feel bad when he is coughing , last night I let him sleep with me and made daddy move on out of the bed , so he could sleep propped up a bit and I could keep an eye on him. Between that and the sound of pounding side ways rain and howling wind I GOT ZERO sleep! We have a TYPHOON lurking out in the waters , thankfully I think we will just have some nasty winds and rains for the next few days and the brunt of the storm will be felt by someone else!

I have been tracking it HERE

We did venture out with some friends to the Kokusai Festival , other than the terrible HEAT , it was a great day :)

(Our friends Sue, Rob and baby Roberto)

We ventured into all the funky cool shops and even took some pics, my fave are the pottery places and all the SHISHAS , here are just a few of the thousands we saw.

(My faves)

The streets were filled with thousands of Eisa dancers and Taiko drummers
This little girl was so good ,I snapped a ton of pics of her!

Of course we had to stop into a few of our favorite spots like this one :

Always fun to look but never shop , they pay double and sometimes 3 times more than what we pay for ours! Craziness ....

Here are just few random shots from the day

(Dragon fruit ,very popular here and so yummy in a smoothie!)

(Tapioca drinks ..not as yummy as they look !)

These last pics are funny because no matter where we go off base Preston is like a tourist attraction! We can not walk 5 feet without getting stopped and someone having to touch him and smile and ask how old he is , they say its the BLUE EYES.. but this girl was almost in tears over him .

School starts here on the 31st ,its been so nice having Austin home , he is such a good big brother and always willing to help out with Preston. But it will also be nice to have a schedule again ! I am sure he doesn't think so , but he is looking forward too taking taiko drumming at school this year!

And before I sign off I want to introduce Miss CAMDEN FAITH

I am so Happy for my Bestie Kristin and her family they finally have there Princess she arrived on the 21st of July . I only wished we lived closer with our little ones!

Hope everyone having a great week!