Shabby Miss Jenn

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Making changes....

Please excuse my NON MATCHING blog at the moment, I am in the process of redoing it for fall , but ran out of time ! Hopefully I can get it and my Halloween houses done and posted here soon!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Ok so everyone fears something and anyone who knows me well knows I am terrified of Lizards! I can handle spiders, roaches, most other types of creepy crawlies but LIZARDS , GECKOS what ever the heck you call them I am running the other direction and my heart is beating out of my chest!

So living on this tropical island has turned into a bit of a challenge for me , I am constantly looking for them in my house , after having lived here for a year and maybe seeing all of a sudden I have seen 3 in a month!They have been in our bathrooms , so I assume they are coming in the drains or vents , which is so not making me happy! They don't usually stand a chance against my BROOM! I know that sounds horrid ...BUT when you are THAT AFRAID you just want the suckers dead!!!


Katie a friend of mine and our babies are out shopping on base. We are in the baby section of course , because we all know our babies dont have enough clothes
I am looking at a rack of new Carters Jammies they got in , nice snuggly fleece Jammies. When I let go of a pair on the rack I feel something hit me on my chest , It was as if someone across the room FLUNG some rubbery thing at me , I stopped a second because as far as I know it was just me and Katie back here... well I feel something move and look down and its a damn LIZARD a BIG LIZARD , Fat and brown and OH MY GAWD , I am soon screaming and yelling and jumping around with my arms in the air ..he falls off and runs somewhere I run the opposite direction, Towards the COACH purses OF COURSE! Leaving my poor little angel in his car seat , he was scared half to death by my screaming and was crying big crocodile tears , thankfully Katie rescued him since mommy was no wear to be found!

Needless to say I will be shopping online for a while!
Oh what day that was.....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Moving right along....



I couldn't make this little booger smile for anything! He was too interested in what I was doing behind the camera. That is so his personality as of late ..he is a little BUSY BODY! He has been up on his knees rocking back and forth for the past week, I don't think it will be long before he takes off crawling! We have all ready rearranged the house ahead of this big event. I so forgot what it was like to have to BABY PROOF!

My 4th grader is all ready done with 2 weeks of school and is loving it so far. A lot different than what he is used to ... Mrs. Haynes keeps them super busy . He has monthly book reports and LIT circles that he will be having reports for too and reading his 6 chapter books a quarter
He loves coming home to his little brother everyday

I have been keeping busy trying to get a little crafting of some type in here and there. I have bought enough scrap supplies the past month to open my own store! I have actually been using a bit of it though so that's a plus!
Not sure if I shared these ones or not:

I have started 2 other pages and should be working on those while Preston is napping but instead I am on here!
So how many of you have pulled out all your HALLOWEEN decorations yet? I got the boys costumes in the mail last week and have been contemplating pulling it all out and getting started on it ! I love this time of year! Hoping to also alter some houses for Halloween I bought , will post pics when I get them done :)
Oh and thanks for all the help with choosing Pnuts costume, we went with the monkey and Oh My goodness I just want to eat his little cute self right up!

And last .. I had a dentist appt. this morning and found out my wisdom teeth will be coming out Oct 5th ... all 4 of those suckers . I am so NOT looking forward to this! I will be asleep so thats a PLUS :)

Well I think I will get off here and go organize some more of my craft stuff and MAYBE start some laundry .. notice I said

Hope everyone has a great week!