Shabby Miss Jenn

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The cutest MICKEY ever !!!

My baby turned 2! Feb. 20 

We had a great 3 day weekend , but there was no relaxing at all , I want a DO OVER! Saturday we had football and prepping for Preston's Birthday on Sunday . Sunday was his Mickey Party , he had so much fun and was so excited when we started decorating and when the cake arrived. I was very fortunate to find the sweetest lady here on island to make his cake, like  I said before no more cakes for me . I think I will limit myself to 1 a year ..heee hee
This cake was perfect in every way , she nailed the details perfectly I had a specific CAKE in my mind and she was able to totally create it for me!!!  I was putting off cutting it ,it was just too cute!

Like i said before , shopping here pretty much sucks and I have to order just about everything online.
Thank goodness for ETSY, I found this fabulous shop last year and ordered all my cupcake liners and sprinkles from JENNIFER , and she had the perfect things for me this year too !!   Make sure to check her out !I ordered a bunch of cupcake liners from her so I could make these little mickey ice cream cups ,they were a hug hit with the little ones. I put them out on a cupcake stand right before serving the cake.  

here are a few cute photos of him from the day . This one where he is saying WHY IS EVERYONE SINGING TO ME!!! It was priceless to see this look on his wittle face!

This is where he decided he LOVED the reaction he got from all of us when he did this over and over opening his presents! 
and here he is learning from a friend how to use his party blower!

It was a great day and we are so thankful  to have such great friends here on Okinawa to help celebrate our sweet boy!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A year and then some ....

Wow I left blogging land well over a year ago , but not completely! I still read everyones blogs just about everyday! I know what is going on in....just about everyones world
I am not quite sure why I felt the need to take a break from it all . And I do mean from everything . No crafting , scrapping anything of that sort was happening for me. I think this Island has a little bit to do with it. This summer will make 3 years for us on Okinawa and we are here until the summer of 2013 ...whooa
To say I have island fever is an understatement!  

I have been trying to get the motivation back to start scrapping again , crafting is out of the question pretty much until I get outta here . The shopping is HORRIBLE!!!!!! I did order some new scrap stuff not that I needed any but hey maybe it will help with my mojo issue.. Any excuse is good to shop right???
My Bestie decided she was going to start scrapping again as well and even keep track of it . So I am following in her footsteps and am proud of myself for actually finishing one page so far!

I am going to add a little tracker on my side bar . I haven't set a specific GOAL for myself really , except to get back into creating again! So hears to that :)

My boys are growing like weeds and my daughter just turned 18 ..holy cow did I just type that ???? Here are a few recent photos of them :

Britni and some of her cheer buddies , at one of their last games . She is a bit saddened that this is her Senior year when it comes to cheering ....  She is the one in the center

Heres Austin last month turning 11! His dad and I worked hard creating that cake from scratch and I think I learned my lesson cakes in my future! 

And last but not least here is our little Pnut who is turning 2 this Sunday!!!  
I ordered his adorable invite from this great shop , Thanks Melissa!!
And I was able to find a lady here on island to custom make his cake, I told you no more cakes for me !  

Well I have lots to share , but unfortunately I have lots of laundry too!!
So thats all for now , off to do the laundry and read some blogs :)