Shabby Miss Jenn

Sunday, October 25, 2009

End of Oct. , REALLY?

I can not believe we are nearing the end of October all ready! Where did this month go? All the cute ghosts and monkeys will be out soon :)
It rained cats and dogs here this weekend. Kind of a nice change though we got to bundle up in coats and all ..when we went out. You know mid 70's to us on this island is FREEZING ..haha

We had a busy weekend with lots of birthday parties . 2 of my good friends both had little guys turning 1. Preston had tons of fun and partied it up till about 11 pm that night. No crying or anything I was super impressed!Here he is with his Pretty Princess girlfriend Zoey at Roberts party. This is his new KISSY FACE he constantly makes, we think its just too cute!

Before the rain we had a nice weekend with lower temps and we decided to take the boys to the Okinawa Children's Zoo. We hadn't been there yet . It was a fun a morning. Not a zoo like we are used to back home but it worked. I was laughing at the fact that there were roosters and peacocks in glass cages , don't those usually run around free at zoos?

Austin liked the alligators and the hippos we got pretty close to both of those .

Oh and I wanted to show you these. Okinawan Fruit bats. They are everywhere here , we have them in our trees in our front and backyards , they are more common here than birds!

And this , well the Japanese have some seriously funny signs all over the place here but this one takes the cake! Posted out in front of the Tigers cage!

Preston got his first ride on a Choo Choo train and loved it

My babies

And somewhere in the middle of the busy weekend I managed to watch this movie twice!!! So dern funny!

Looks like it will be another busy weekend ahead , with Halloween coming up(hoping we get to a haunted house with Austin ) and I am having a Scentsy Party. Gotta get planning the food for this one.

Before I go I took these when he turned 8 months!

Hope your weekend was good one!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I want my wisdom teeth BACK!

Oh what the heck was I thinking! I have had my wisdom teeth that were not causing me any PAIN for years now. I go to the dentist here and he says Oh those bad boys should have come out LONG AGO and was all dramatic about it. So they schedule me to have all 4 removed. No worries , right? Everyone I talk to said piece O CAKE!


I have to be the exception to the norm , ya know? I have been in excruciating pain for a week and high as a kite on percocet.
I pretty much slept for a week ! Still have no idea what is causing the pain it is not the holes left in my mouth at all , its my upper right and lower right jaw, it kills. Pounding pain all the way into my ear and down my neck , then my jaw gets so freaking tight, that I can hardly open my mouth. Ja took me in last thursday and they were closed for TRAINING! But I did get to see the DOC on call , lucky me! He starts out by telling me he is a pediatric dentist and doesn't have much experience with adult extractions! OH MY WORD this point I wanted to shoot someone. So he treated me as if I were going to get a dry socket and stuffed it full of that grotesque smelly crap and then proceeded to give me a shot that made me cry! Neither did a DERN THING!!! I went home and took 2 more percocets and a motrin and knocked out. I continued that through the weekend...
Here we are on Tuesday and I am still hurting all though not near as bad ..just praying it goes away all together so I can function again! Poor Preston , has barley seen me in a week!

Speaking of my SWEET P
Hard to believe he is approaching 8 months (20th)

He got his first tooth 2 days before I got all mine yanked out..kinda funny..
He is working on a second one now.
He is pulling up on everything in site
He is FINALLY crawling
He is still waking up at least once a night
He is such a joy to us!

Austin has been keeping busy with school and doing well ! He got 2 A's and the rest B's on his first report card. He really likes his teacher Mrs. Haynes and seems to be enjoying the 4th grade.
Here he is with his ROBOT he had to create for a BOOK REPORT this weekend. They had to make a life size paper doll on their main character...his turned out pretty cool!

That was about all the crafting that has taken place in this house .. I still need to finish my houses , hope to start feeling better soon ..SO that maybe before HALLOWEEN they will be done haha!
For now they still lay on the table looking like this

Hey I did manage to get a new banner up on this blog , did ya notice?
Hope every ones week is off to a great start!