Shabby Miss Jenn

Sunday, December 6, 2009

weekend recap

Have I mentioned I hate Mondays..even more so when you had such a nice weekend. DEAR MONDAYS: PLEASE GO AWAY

Friday hubby went in to work for a few hours and then came home so we could finish up Christmas shopping and had a quick lunch. Of course I forgot a few odds and ends that I will need to still pick up but for the most part we are done! YAY .. Christmas shopping is not so fun anymore for me when I have to order almost everything on line!
We got all the lights and tree up and decked the halls. It looked like Christmas exploded in this teeny house we know call home. I was quite surprised that our little Pnut is afraid of the Christmas tree. I thought it would be a constant battle to keep him out of it, but so far he has not wanted much to do with it and has had a few shouting matches with the Angel hanging out on

I did put him down in front of it to snap a few pics on Saturday and he wanted to rip open presents instead!

Community center where we saw Santa

Saturday I spent most of the afternoon wrapping gifts while hubby entertained the boys. Then we took them out to see some lights and Santa. Austin didn't sit on his lap of course( all though ) he still believes. Preston we thought would scream so daddy did the quick hand off so I could snap a pic or 2. He did so good not one tear or holler he just kept staring at him and then would turn to look for daddy. It was too cute! Santa told him he was the best baby he had seen all day and would be getting a lot of presents haha :)

we headed back home and dropped off the boys with my neighbor and hubby and I had a date night afterward.
We went to see

Ja had never seen the previews and thought it would be a chick flick but it wasn't. We both really liked it a lot! Its based on a true story about
Michael Oher, a homeless and traumatized boy who became an All American football player and first round NFL draft pick with the help of a caring woman and her family.
A definite must see !

Sunday was my day to get out with the girls , a bunch of us go once a month for our pedicure and massages . Great way to relax on a Sunday afternoon! All the girls got some sort of snowflakes which I got last year so I opted for a simple red white and silver design with polka dots super simple and still holiday ISH ..hehee

later that night we headed to the other side of the island (where we had never been) to try out a new Thai place with a group of friends. This is one of my friend Joannes favorite spots to eat on island. We ordered a fried rice dish and some Thai Pad at a zero spice level , it was still a tid bit hot for the both of us but tasty! Austin loved his garlic chicken and rice meal and wants to go back he says. That rarely happens here we have the hardest time finding anything off base he likes. It was a fun night and we are lucky to have such great friends here!
That brings me to MONDAY ...back to reality and grocery shopping ooh how I hate that part!

Hope you all had a fab weekend as well!
I am off to hopefully get a new banner up on this blog before I leave!